Scholarship Program Guidelines 2017-2018


To assist a Bays resident (Horsfield, Phegans or Woy Woy Bay) who is either a secondary or tertiary student to further their education in any chosen field.


One scholarship will be offered each year.

Submissions are due by 31 October 2017. The decision of the Committee will be announced no later than 4 February 2018. The result will be published in the Bays Bulletin.


The scholarship will be up to $300.00 as determined by the Bays Committee.


Individual applicants must apply in writing

  • Applications should provide: details on the study topic and or activity; the applicants experience in the nominated field of study; the projected benefits and outcomes; and the timing of the study activity.
  • Applications will be considered on the basis of 3 major criteria: the standard of the written presentation, the young person’s demonstrated interest in the subject; and the projected benefits the study will provide the student.
  • Applications should be no longer than 500 words.
  • Shortlisted applicants may be required to give a brief presentation to the Committee.
  • Following the presentation the Committee will select the successful applicant and announce the results in the monthly Bays Bulletin.
  • The Committee may also decide not to award the scholarship in a year where the applications are considered not to have met the selection criteria.
  • After the completion of the study activity the successful student will be asked to give a presentation at one of the Bays General Meetings.

Applications should be addressed to:

Cathy Gleeson,
The Bays Community Group

And either emailed to:

Or Mailed to PO Box 208 Woy Woy 2256