Meet the Committee

The Executive Committee of The Bays Community Group is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.
The Annual General meeting is held in February of each year. A fresh new Committee was elected this year. Make sure to say hi if you see us out and about!

Carolina Schulling


We moved to Woy Woy Bay from Umina Beach in January 2020. I love living here as we have easy access to the bush and bay. Planning on getting a kayak soon ! Oh and did I mention the views? I commute to North Sydney for my Marketing role but get to work from home quite often. Allows for lovely lunchtime strolls and coffee with a view.


Ally Chuang

Vice President

In March 2020, I was sheltered away in Wondabyne, living aboard our 28-foot sailing boat with my partner, Max, and expecting our first child. When the pandemic struck, my dreams of home-cooked post-partum meals by our Taiwanese/American families evaporated overnight. Being a pragmatist, I thought… “Better move somewhere with running water and a chest freezer!” Using Google Maps with the terrain layer switched on is how we found Phegans Bay.


Dean Wignell


I live the rat race in Sydney CBD five days a week, but the best part is coming back to a beautiful family on the coast and chilling here on the weekends. Health and fitness is a big part of my life but you may catch me having a cheeky beverage or two at home or with neighbours. I enjoy the local cuisine, however, I find it just as enjoyable staying home and cooking for family and guests.

The community is important to me and I want to instil a community spirit and responsibility to my two young boys, so you will see them often with me helping at community breakfasts and events. Kayaking, bushwalking and fishing with my boys is just awesome and I’m so fortunate to have this as my front yard. The Bays is simply the best.


Marie Davies


I moved into Phegans Bay in July 2017 and currently work as a TV producer for the ABC. I love nature and have been overwhelmed with the community spirit of the Bays.

I also adore reading, scuba diving, travel, photography and I’m currently writing a young adult novel.


Lina Nguyen

I have to say my proudest moment so far is when our 10-year-old son, Khoa, said he’d like to be the treasurer of the committee one day! He is very supportive of our community’s work and he helps out at the monthly breakfasts when he can. He’s so happy to be involved, especially for Coco Pops and bacon. Our five-year-old, Vinh, also loves the community. It makes me so happy to know we have a whole generation in front of us to continue to build our community’s spirit and maintain its beauty. And what an excellent Committee it is. So much dedication, skill and heart. A great reflection of The Bays and how much we care about this local treasure where we call home.


Vivian Cumbo

It was love at first sight when I saw The Bays while house hunting in 2016. Being in the bush with views of the water suited my marine biologist self perfectly. I moved to Phegans Bay in mid-2016 with no idea about the amazing community I was moving into. I have felt so welcomed and supported by a plethora of people within the community; it has been truly amazing. I joined The Bays Committee so I could give back to the community that has provided so much to me, and to continue fostering the community spirit.


Teri Calder

I moved from Randwick to The Bays in November 2020. I work as a producer at the ABC and since the pandemic, I’ve been mostly working from home so that made it an easier decision to make the move without the need to commute to the city every day. I’m so glad I did as I’ve completely fallen in love with The Bays. There’s a wonderful community spirit here and I’m inspired by the beautiful nature we live amongst. You’ll often find me out on the water in my tinnie or kayak exploring the waterways.


Rachael Morris

I moved to the Central Coast from Melbourne over 3 years ago for my work as a magazine editor. I really didn’t feel I’d found a home here until moving into our treehouse in the Bays and getting to know the wonderful community it came with. Add in the trees, the wildlife and the views, and now I can’t imagine living anywhere else!


Ylenna Zajec

I moved from Sydney to the Central Coast almost 30 years ago and have lived in Phegans Bay for 15 years. I love the tranquility, the bush, bay and ocean water views. It’s incredible that we live next to Brisbane Water National Park, home to the infamous Gosford Hieroglyphics, spectacular Indigenous rock carvings and places where we can bush walk, ride our bikes and see a plethora of birds and wildlife.

For a copy of the Bay’s Community Group Constitution click here >>