Wine, Cheese and Art Weekend July 2017

Wine, Cheese and Art Weekend July 2017

Our Wine, Cheese & Art event in July was again a success on several fronts.

As our major fundraiser for the Bays Community Group (BCG) it again delivered to expectations. The funds raised from this event help towards covering both the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the Community Hall and to assist in other Community Projects organised by the BCG.

The working party for the event came from all three Bays, they are project managed by Jim Doe. He has them work from January to July on the many tasks that must be completed to make this weekend event the success it is. The group gain a lot of satisfaction from working together as a single “Bays” unit and it proves what can be achieved when we all pull together, in the one direction.

The Friday night was again sold out and has become the main social event for the Bays Community. It’s great to see faces from all three Bays enjoying both the food and wine and each other’s company. There is a nice vibe to the Hall when it is full to the brim of residents and friends, all chattering away as they mingle around, grazing on good food, with a glass of wine in hand studying the beautiful art on display around the walls.

The follow up on the Saturday and Sunday was also successful. The Art could be viewed in a more sedate atmosphere, those who had spotted a piece of Art on the Friday night and had then gone home to sleep on a decision came back over the weekend to negotiate with the artists.

…a good time was had by all!