Morning Glory


Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a climbing plant and has a distinctive blue flower and thick, smothering growth. It is a common sight in gullies, gardens, on roadsides and waterways and in disturbed rainforests.

How does it spread

Morning Glory reproduces by throwing out roots from its stems and by stem fragments spread by water, animals and dumped garden waste.


You will need your gloves, secateurs and a trowel. To kill a morning glory plant, you have to pull and cut back all of the plant, put in red bins and poison near the base of the plant. Trimming the vine from a plant it has started to attack will not work. It will only grow back and quickly.

Follow the vine back to its roots and poison the roots or you can try poisoning the stems with a herbicide such as a glyphosate. Removing all together will often involve repeat attempts.

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